OZONE, AXE, THRUST Music 1979-1998
 Jimmy Moore: Guitars, Vocals; OZONE, AXE, THRUST.
 Billy Helfrich: Drums; OZONE, AXE. Keyboards; THRUST.
 George Weatherhead: Guitar; AXE.
 Mark Fraley: Drums; THRUST.
 Karen Johnson: Bass; OZONE
 Dannie Hilliard: Vocals; OZONE, various others...

  We Are Stars - THRUST

  Livin' on the Run - OZONE

  High Winds in Hell - OZONE

  We Get High - AXE

  Rock's Not Evil - THRUST

  She's Bad, Jacket of Sorrow - THRUST

  Working Everyday - AXE

  High Pressure - AXE

  Black Sun - THRUST